Activating your license

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Activate your licence key


Each time Entrek ProcMan starts it checks if you have activated the license key.  If you have not, it will prompt you to activate the license key.  Once successfully activated, you can continue to use the product.  If you cancel or activation fails, the program will close.


Product Activation


To activate, select the Activate now radio button and click the Continue button.  Select the Cancel radio button to cancel activation and exit the program.


If you selected Activate now a confirmation dialog will appear.


Confirm Activation


Click OK to continue activation.  Click Cancel to cancel activation.  If you click Cancel then the program will terminate.


Automatic Activation


If your computer is connected to the Internet and can reach the Entrek Activation Server then the product activation will occur automatically.


Manual Activation


If your computer is not connected to the Internet or there is any problem to reach the Entrek Activation Server you may use manual activation.  Using manual activation allows you to use another computer which is connected to the Internet to get the required activation codes which you can then enter into the manual activation dialog.


Activate Manually


Follow the instructions on the dialog and the Entrek Activation Server activation page.


After entering the response code you obtained from the activation page you can click the Activate button to complete the activation.


Click the Cancel button to cancel activation.  If you click Cancel the program will terminate.


Activation Success


Whether you used automatic or manual activation you will see the following message box to let you know activation succeeded.


Activation Success


Click the OK button to start using Entrek ProcMan.


Please notice that uninstalling the software will not deactivate the license.  If you wish to transfer the license to a new computer then please follow the steps for transferring the license.  If you uninstall the software before deactivating then you must reinstall the software to deactivate the license.


Activation Failure


If activation fails, the program will terminate.


Common reasons that activation can fail are:


The license is activated on another computer.  You must first transfer the license from the other computer if you wish to use the same license key on your computer.  Alternatively you can use another license key for your computer.
The limit for transfers has been reached.  In this case, the key may no longer be used.