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Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


If your device supports ActiveSync then Entrek ProcMan can make a direct connection over ActiveSync,


For Windows XP and earlier Microsoft ActiveSync must be installed on your computer.  For Windows Vista and later, Windows Mobile Device Center must be installed and active on your computer.


Click Device->Connect->ActiveSync from the Entrek ProcMan main menu.  Note that your computer must have an active ActiveSync connection with the target device before Entrek ProcMan can be connected.  If an ActiveSync connection has not been established between your computer and the target device then you will be prompted to connect ActiveSync.


ActiveSync connect prompt


OK: click OK once you've connected ActiveSync.
Cancel: click Cancel or press the Escape key to cancel connecting.


If there is any problem during the connection then ensure any necessary cables are connected and that the connection is properly configured.