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Follow these steps to configure a ConmanClient2 connection


Select ConmanClient2 from the Device->Configure menu to open the Windows CE Connectivity Manager Configuration dialog.


Configure conmanclient2


Expand the desired platform and then select the desired target device.  Click the Properties... button to open the Device Properties dialog for the selected device.


Configure conmanclient2 properties


Select a Transport and Startup Server.


A Transport is a communications protocol, such as TCP Connect Transport, that ConmanClient2 uses to connect to a target device and communicate with it.  Select an available transport from the Transport: drop-down list.  Click the Configure... button next to the Transport: drop-down list to configure the transport.


A Startup Server is a mechanism for copying the necessary ConmanClient2 files to the target device.  Select an available startup server from the Startup Server: drop-down list.  Click the Configure... button next to the Startup Server: drop-down list to configure the startup server.


Test: click Test to test the connection
OK: click OK to save the changes you made and close the dialog.
Cancel: click Cancel or press the Escape key to close the dialog box without saving any changes.