Connect to your target device

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Available in

Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


Click Device->Connect on the main menu to see options for connecting to your target device.


Menu Commands


Device-connect menu


ActiveSync: this can be used with any device that allows ActiveSync connections.  Please ensure your desktop has an ActiveSync connection to the target device established before attempting to connect Entrek ProcMan.  Note this is also called Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista and higher.
ConmanClient2: this can be used if you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or higher.
Platform Manager: this can be used if you have Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ or Microsoft Platform Manager version 2.11-5.0.


While connecting, the following files are copied and installed by Entrek ProcMan to your target device.


ToolboxService25.exe: Host process.
Toolbox25.dll: provides system information including processes, threads, heaps, and networking.
ProcMan.dll: provides advanced features such as logging and Windows Spy
ProcManLogger.exe: Logging process.


Depending how you've configured your connection to your target device you may need to manually copy these files.  They are located in the Entrek ProcMan installation on your computer.  Typically this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Entrek\ProcMan\2.0\Target\WINCEXXX\CPUDIR. If you used Specify Install Directory... then be certain to copy the files to the directory you specified.  Otherwise copy them to the \Windows directory on the target device.


XXX: designates the version of your Windows CE operating system.  Examples are 211, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700.
CPUDIR: designates the CPU of your target device.  The CPU directories for each Windows CE version correspond to the supported CPUs for that version of Windows CE.  Examples are ARM, ARMV4I, MIPS, MIPSIV, PPC, SH3, SH4, and X86.


These files will be uninstalled and deleted by Entrek ProcMan when you disconnect if the Uninstall on Disconnect menu option is checked.


Additional files may be copied and installed depending on the connection method you choose for connecting to the target device.  These files are not uninstalled and deleted even if the Uninstall on Disconnect menu option is checked.