Connected to target device

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Available in

Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


Connect Entrek ProcMan to your target device to get live information from the system.


Click on the main tabs to open the view you are interested in.


Use manual or automatic refresh to update the views with current information.


You can also interact with the device by starting processes, closing applications, setting date and time, spying on Windows, and many other functions.  See the How To section for details.


You can enable logging that will allow a background process to collect data even when the Entrek ProcMan application is disconnected.


NOTE: Not all features are available in every edition of Entrek ProcMan.  See the Product Overview page for a feature comparison chart.


Toolbar Commands


These commands become active on the application main toolbar when you connect to a device.


Main Toolbar


Main toolbar copy button Copy: copies any selected text to the clipboard.
Main toolbar refresh display button Refresh Display: queries the device for updated information and displays it in the application's views.
Main toolbar auto refresh display button Turn On / Off Auto Refresh: toggles Auto Refresh on or off.
Main toolbar run program button Run Program...: starts a new program on the target device.  See Run a remote application for more information.
Main toolbar set date time button Set System Date/Time...: allows you to set the date and time on the target device.  See Set date and time for more information..
Main toolbar set system memory division button SetSystemMemoryDivision...: allows you to set the size of the device's object store.  See Set system memory division for more information.
Main toolbar reset device button Soft Reset Device: performs a soft reset of the target device.
Main toolbar hard reset device button Hard Reset Device: performs a hard reset of the target device.