Modify a thread's priority and quantum

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Available in

Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


From the Threads tab you can modify a thread's priority and quantum.  Right-click on the thread you are interested in and select the Properties... item from the popup menu.


Thread Properties


Set priority with SetThreadPriority


Select the Use SetThreadPriority radio button.  Then select the desired predefined priority from the set of priority radio buttons.


Set priority with CeSetThreadPriority


Select the Use CeSetThreadPriority radio button.  Then set the value in the CeSetThreadPriority spinner control to the desired priority (0-255).


Set the thread's quantum with CeSetThreadQuantum


Set the desired quantum, in milliseconds, in the CeSetThreadQuantum spinner control.


Press the Apply button to set the thread's priority and quantum to the new values you specified.  Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without setting the thread's priority or quantum.