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Available in

Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


Use the Post Window Message dialog to post a message to the selected window.


Post Window Message


uMsg: enter the message ID for the message you want to send.  You may select a predefined window message from the drop-down list.  Or you can enter a decimal or hexadecimal value of the message ID.  Prefix hexadecimal values with 0x.  The message ID will be interpreted as a decimal value if not prefixed with 0x.

wParam: enter a value to pass as the message's wParam modifier.

lParam: enter a value to pass as the message's lParam modifier.

Post: click the Post button to post the message to the window.

Cancel: click the Cancel button or press the Escape key to close the dialog.