Specify Install Directory

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Available in

Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


Use the Specify Installation Directory dialog to set the folder you want the Entrek ProcMan binaries to be installed in.


Specify Installation Directory


\Windows: installs Entrek ProcMan binaries in the \Windows directory of the target device.

\: installs Entrek ProcMan binaries in the \ root directory of the target device.

Other: install Entrek ProcMan binaries to the folder you enter in the edit box.

Edit box: if you select Other then enter the full path of the desired installation folder.

Browse: if you specify Other and Entrek ProcMan is connected to your target device then click the Browse button to browse and select a directory on the target device.

OK: click the OK button to set the installation folder to the specified directory.  It will take effect the next time you connect Entrek ProcMan to your target device.

Cancel: click Cancel to close the dialog without changing the installation directory.




If you've previously connected Entrek ProcMan to the target device


It's best to first uninstall the Entrek ProcMan binaries from their current location.  Otherwise there will be two copies: one in the original folder and one in the new folder.  The binaries in the original folder will be unused.


To uninstall the Entrek ProcMan binaries from their current location, set the Uninstall On Disconnect option by clicking Device->Uninstall on Disconnect on the main menu.  Now connect Entrek ProcMan and then immediately disconnect.  This will uninstall the Entrek ProcMan binaries.


Now you can set a new installation folder by clicking the Device->Specify Installation Directory on the main menu.  The Entrek ProcMan binaries will be installed in the new folder the next time you connect to your target device.  Remember to turn off the Uninstall on Disconnect option if desired.


This only specifies the install directory of the Entrek ProcMan binaries


The install directory for files used by the connection mechanism such as Platform Manager or ConmanClient2 is not affected by this setting.