Transferring your license

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Transfer the license to another computer


The product license may be transferred to another computer.  The number of transfers is limited.  Please check your End User License Agreement for details.


To transfer the license you must first deactivate the license key on the computer it was activated on.  Once deactivated, you can activate it on new computer.  Activating the license on a new computer completes the transfer.


Follow these steps to transfer the product license:


1.Start Entrek ProcMan


2.Open the About box by clicking Help->About from the main menu


About box


3.Click the Transfer License... button on the About box.


Automatic Deactivation


If your computer is connected to the Internet, Entrek ProcMan will query the Entrek Activation Server.  If successful, a Confirm Transfer dialog will appear that displays the maximum number of transfers allowed for you license, the number of times already transferred, and the number of transfers remaining.


Confirm Transfer


Click OK to continue and deactivate the software.  Click Cancel to cancel deactivation.


If you click OK and the computer is connected to the Internet and can reach the Entrek Activation Server the product key will be deactivated.  The following dialog appears to indicate the deactivation was successful.


Deactivation success


Click OK to close the program.


Manual Deactivation


If your computer is not connected to the Internet or cannot contact the Entrek Activation Server, you will be offered an option to use manual deactivation. Using manual activation allows you to use another computer which is connected to the Internet to fully deactivate your license.


Manual Deactivation Prompt


Click Yes to continue with manual deactivation.  The Deactivate Manually dialog will open.


Deactivate Manually


Record all the provided information and check the I have recorded the product key, deactivation code, and hardware id checkbox.  To simplify recording, you can select and copy the information to the clipboard.


When you click the OK button the software will be deactivated on your computer.  To fully deactivate the licence key you must use your web browser and visit the Entrek Activation Server page (URL is provided in the Deactivate Manually dialog) and enter the information you provided into the appropriate web form fields.  Follow the instructions on the web page.  This will clear the activation record in the activation database which completes the deactivation process.


The program will terminate after you click the OK button.  Please record the provided information before clicking the OK button.  You will have to contact Entrek Support if you need to retrieve the information later.



After deactivating, Entrek ProcMan will close.
If you later decide you want to use Entrek ProcMan again on the same computer, you can start the program again and activate the license.  If you do this before activating the license on another computer then it will not count towards your transfer limit.


Completing the transfer


You can complete the transfer by installing and activating the product key on a new computer.  Once you have activated on a new computer your transfer limit is decreased by one.


If you re-activate on the current computer before activating on another computer then your transfer limit is not decreased.