Viewing a log file

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Available in

Entrek ProcMan Standard Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional Edition
Entrek ProcMan Professional+ Edition


Entrek ProcMan includes a logger process that can log information to a device file that can later be imported to the workstation for viewing.


Menu Commands


Logging menu


Open Log...: use this command to open a log file. Entrek ProcMan must be disconnected when opening a log file.
Close Log: use this command to close the current log file.
Import Log...: use this option to import a log file from the target device. Entrek ProcMan must be connected to the target device to import a log file.  If you wish to open the log file after importing it, disconnect Entrek ProcMan and then use the Open Log... option.
Logging Options...: see Logging.
Start Logging: see Logging.
Stop Logging: see Logging.


Steps for creating a log file


1.Collect a log file.  See Logging for details.
2.If disconnected, connect Entrek ProcMan to the target device.
3.Check if the logger process is running and, if so, close it.  You will know if it's running by clicking the Logging menu item.  The logger process is running if the Stop Logging command is enabled.  Use it to stop logging.


Viewing a log file


1.Connect Entrek ProcMan to your target device.
2.Use the Logging->Import Log... menu command to Import the log file to the desktop.
3.Disconnect Entrek ProcMan from the target device.
4.Use the Logging->Open Log... command to open the imported log file.


Once the log file is open, you can visit the Entrek ProcMan Views to view the logged information.  Some views may not have any data if the relevant data for that view was not collected.  For example, the Networking View will not have any data if network data was not collected in the log file.  Use Logging options to control which data is collected.  Some information may be derived.  For example, if you collected only thread data, some process data may be available such as number of processes.


New controls and toolbar buttons appear that enable you to select a logging session and a record number to view.


A log file will have one or more sessions.  A session is created each time the logger process starts and is closed when logging stops.  If the Append to existing log file logging option is turned on then the log file can have multiple sessions.  You can select the session you want to view using the left-most spinner control that appears in the menu bar.


A session will have one or more records.  A new record is created at each logging interval specified in the Update Frequency (sec) setting.  Typically the records should be viewed in sequence.  However you can select a specific record by using the right-most spinner that appears in the menu bar.


Toolbar Commands


These commands appear on the application main toolbar when you open a log file.


Logging toolbar


Main toolbar copy button Copy: copies any selected text to the clipboard.
Logging play toolbar button Play: "Plays" the log file by advancing to each record at 5 second intervals.  Note that the Update Frequency (sec) specified in the logging options may be different.
Logging pause toolbar button Pause: Pauses the playback of the log file.
Logging previous toolbar button Previous: goes to the previous record in the log session.
Logging next toolbar button Next: goes to the next record in the log session.